Live-Event Sound Engineering Pricing

Charles Street Entertainment provides a customized service for each and every event.  We do not have set packages or flat per hour prices for most of our sound engineering services.  Our prices are determined by the specific needs of your event.  In some cases, a Sound Engineer is needed to work with a venue's existing system. In other cases, the event requires the rental of our sound equipment.

Of course the date, time frame, and total number of hours are factored in, but the venue, and any specific sound support needs it may require, are also important details we take into account just for starters.  We do not just show up to every event with the standard two speaker disc jockey system that most of the competition calls "state of the art" and hope it will be enough. 

CSE will look for many of the details other sound engineers will never even think to ask about.  We do this because we know the difference it makes to the success of your event, and because we would prefer to be prepared for every possibility than to have to solve a problem at the last minute.  Our pricing is based on an objective structure that is fair and balanced for everyone and not based on the supposed limits of your budget. 

We believe that you will find our prices are very competitive, and we would love the opportunity to present you with a quote.

To receive a quote, please email your name, and phone number, date and approximate time of the event, as well as a little bit about the event and venue, to In most cases, we will get back to you, either by phone or email, within 24 hours.

For a sample of the Sound Engineering Agreement that we use,
Click Here.


Song Editing Pricing

Charles Street Entertainment sets a flat rate of $20.00 for any project taking up to 30 minutes of studio work, and a flat rate of $35.00 for any project that takes longer than 30 minutes of studio work.

Many quick edits (remove from 1:15-1:35, and 2:20-2:55, for example), take about 20 minutes.

Once we receive your original file, and your edit requests, we will get to work. For more complex edits, we may return you a draft file to listen to, so that we are sure that we are on the right path. However, this process will still cost the same maximum rate of $35.00.

We do not provide the original songs. There are different timings and versions of the same song, and in order to follow your edit requests, we need to be using your original file.

To begin the process, use our easy
online uploader.

In the field on the uploader page, please present all edit requests in this way:

"0:00-1:27 Leave this
1:28-2:02 Cut the 2nd verse
2:03-2:15 Leave this
*Now please insert the 1st verse and chorus (0:10-1:27) a second time
2:15-2:55 Leave this
2:55-End Cut this and add a Boom at the end on beat 1."

If you would prefer, you can also send your edit requests via email, to Please include your name and the song titie in your email.

Payment will be made once you receive your edited file (via email). You will then receive a PayPal Invoice via email, and you will be able to use either your PayPal account, or a Credit Card (where eligible), to complete your transaction.

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